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Mar 26, 2010 · I remember having absence seizures when I was about 8 years old. At that time I was taking 3 seizure medications one of which made me gain ALOT of weight My mom stopped giving me the meds at about 11 years old cause she thought I had outgrown the seizures.

Absence Seizure. This article deals with the causes, the symptoms and treatment of absence seizures in adults. Absence seizure is just one of several types of seizures that can appear as a result of some abnormal electrical discharge in the brain.Author: Mia Benson.

Eighteen women and five men had typical absences. These included 10% of a consecutive hospital series of 200 adult patients with epileptic disorders. The absences began between the ages of seven and 46 years and varied in type and severity. Twenty patients also had generalised tonic-clonic seizures Cited by: 116.

Jan 27, 2018 · They are categorized into various types, like absence, focal, complex partial, simple partial, secondary generalized, and primary generalized seizures. Absence seizures is one of the types of primary generalized seizures. It is found in adults as well as children. In this article, we will be concentrating in the absence seizures in adults only.Author: Megha Tiwari.