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Bird Feeder: Adult Irish Wolfhound: Western Red Cedar bird feeder with mounted dog on peak. House measures 11 1/2" x 7" X 10". Feeder hopper is designed to keep bird feed dry. Dog measures 11 1/2" in length (Bird seed not included). Bird feeder can be mounted on a fence, side of a building, tree, ect. Wood will turn a magnificant grey as it.

The Irish Wolfhound is a historic sighthound dog breed from Ireland that has by its presence and substantial size inspired literature, poetry and mythology. Like all sighthounds, it was used to pursue game by speed, it was also famed as a guardian dog, specializing in protection against and for the hunting of wolves.Origin: Ireland.

Growing puppies consume more calories than adult dogs and so do young adult dogs. A young adult Irish Wolfhound dog weighing 100 pounds needs an estimated 2451 calories per day. An Irish Wolfhound puppy that is 8 months old can easily weigh 100 pounds or more. You can see growth charts for Irish Wolfhound puppies here.

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