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The PrePex Device PrePex is the World's Only Non-Surgical Male Circumcision Device. Click here to learn more about the PrePex procedure, features and benefits. Scientific Data PrePex was validated as a safe, fast and cost-effective male circumcision device for Adults and Adolescents.

Apr 16, 2018 · CircCurer (Disposable Circumcision Suture Device) is a novel circumcision device, and it’s a single step device that achieves excellent post-operative results both cosmetically as well as being.

The safety and efficacy of a new device for adult male circumcision that does not require anesthesia or sutures has been demonstrated.

PrePex, a non-surgical adult male circumcision device that was invented in 2009, might be the one thing that could help Africa reach that 20 million mark. The device requires no injected anestesia Author: Ariel Schwartz.