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80's Party Ideas adult party 80s themed

Other 80s Party must haves are cardboard cutout stand ups of your favorite 80s characters. Some available include Luke Skywalker, Princess Lea, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Ronald Reagan, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and of course the Michael Jackson Stand Up!

80's Party Favors Like the 80's, your party will have to end at some point. Send your guests home with a personalized candy bar, a sweet souvenir of your 80's night. A delicious milk or dark chocolate candy bar surrounded by a personalized 80s theme candy bar wrapper is a tasty way to end the evening. Rubik’s cube puzzles are great party.

An 80's Party is an event that screams “costume”! And it is one of the adult party ideas where everyone wants to come in costume! A 1980's theme party also works great as an adult birthday party for someone who loves or came of age in the 1980's.

Totally 80s Theme Party — 80s Party Supplies. Admit it — we all miss the decade of mullets and bad hair, glam rock, and pop diva outfits that look like they're thrown together but actually takie form after hours of planning and weeks of thrift store spelunking. 80s party supplies give you that old 80s vibe in one convenient shopping location, starting with outlandish patchwork tableware.