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Promise Rings for Women, Men and Couples. Promise Rings for Women. If you're looking for a thoughtful gift for your girlfriend that shows you're serious about moving forward, consider a promise ring. When shopping for a promise ring for her, take her personal style into consideration—there are lots of different style options to explore Author: Shelley Brown.

What are your thoughts on promise rings? I told my now fiancé to never buy me a promise ring. I wanted to either be engaged, meaning I could start wedding planning, or not be engaged and the planning would wait. To me, promise rings are not appealing. My fiancé says they are the way guys who aren't ready for commitment make their girlfriends.

A promise ring need not signify an intention to marry for every couple. Many couples exchange them merely as a symbol of fidelity. Think of a high school boy giving his sweetheart his class ring or letterman jacket as a way of showing they are going steady–a promise ring is a similar, perhaps more adult, way to express that same sentiment.

A promise takes place in the heart. A promise ring makes the commitment unforgettable. For every promise you make—to your true love, a BFF, your faith, or yourself—the perfect promise ring makes it official. Personalize your ring with an engraving or a birthstone, .