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Asheville North Carolina Psychiatrist Doctors physician directory - Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common behavioral problem. Learn the symptoms of adult ADHD, and read about medications, complications, treatment, diagnosis, and testing.

Kids. Alarming statistic time: 70% or more of children with ADHD grow up to be adults with ADHD. The average age of children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is 7. ADHD is more common in boys, whose impulsivity and hyperactivity may appear as disruptive behavior whereas, girls with ADHD may not be hyperactive, impulsive, or disruptive.

Psychiatrists can help with adhd in children, Asheville adult adhd, add adhd, and adha both for adhd and with adhd. This term is frequently referred to as ADD (attention deficit disorder) or ADD/ADHD.

At our office in Asheville, Although statistics are cloudy, diagnosis of adult ADD/ADHD is clearly on the rise as well. Previously, when an adult had problems with focus and attention they were commonly labeled as having anxiety, and medicated accordingly. We now know that the systems that govern attention are often the real culprits.