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Title: Hen Author: Hiroya Oku Hen is a very strange manga the tg part is a short story you'll find in volume 1 and 3 of the manga. I'm n but it's about a guy hwo slowly transforms into a girl after having sex whit one one night And he/she can't return back to male until he/she reaches orgasm in his/her female body.

Various scenes signal to adults that something sexual is happening, but they may go over kids' heads: A shirtless man dances provocatively (but not too suggestively) as a sexual mating call; a man serves coffee in the morning (adults will know he slept with the woman the night before); a teen girl comes on to her teacher; a teen girl touches an adult man inappropriately (viewers only know that.

This is a Big Pack! Bondage outfits, fetish pet kitty and bunny outfits, chastity stuff, butt plugs, body piercings and manicured nails. LOCATION: *coc K2SissyRoom03 .

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