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Seven Smutty Stories for the Adult Harry Potter Fan – Erin Emily Ann Vance harry potter adult story

this story is born from all the Plot bunnies attacking me in my main story. Harry and Voldemort doing battle over various realities. this one will be over the top, smut and fan service and all the stuff I seek to shed out of My main story so to not have it overwhelmed. Categories: Crossovers, Erotica, Harem/Multi pairing > Multi-pairing.

Harry Potter Sex Stories. Chapter 1 – Ginny. Harry was walking along one of Hogwarts many corridors thinking of all the girls he had taken a liking to over the years. Hermione, Cho Chang, Lavender, Parvati and Padma, even Ginny! What he would do to shag all of them. Just once. Maybe more than once.

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Aug 11, 2016 · Smutty Stories for the Adult Harry Potter Fan. It is a story of a game of truth or dare gone wrong and reinforced by magic, and is told entirely in emails. It has some sexy moments but for the most part, is hilarious, and in the context sports with magic, TOTALLY makes sense.