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Jun 22, 2011 · why do some adults use pacifiers? there was this girl who used to go to my school that would wear pacifiers and then i saw a video on youTube were a guy was wearing one at a concert can someone tell me why people do thatStatus: Open.

Sep 02, 2014 · As /u/snuf42 points out, the pacifier-as-necklace dates back to at least the early 90s rave scene. MDMA, then commonly known as ecstasy - was, of course, a staple of this scene. With the seeming return of "coolness" and cachet to MDMA in popular culture, as evidenced by Miley Cyrus and (ugh) Madonna, some hipster-minded kids have found old pictures of "ravers" online and decided to .

Adults do use things like this, some chew on a pencil, some bite their nails, some chew gum (and don't get me started on nicotiine products). I'm sure it is unusual for an adult to use a dummy, but if you find it soothing (and probably if you don't get seen doing it), there are a lot of worse things you could take up.

The AAP suggests avoiding pacifiers for the first month. Introducing a pacifier can lead to the infant ineffectively sucking at the breast and causing "nipple confusion". Babies will take their suck out on the pacifier instead of nursing or comfort nursing at the breast which is good for the infant's brain development and the mother's supply.