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What are the natural predators of the Beluga Whale - Answers what preadators prey on sperm whales

Sperm whales are totally unique. Colossal giants of the deep, their presence commands a reverent awe. They possess the largest brain in the animal kingdom and spend much of their lives in the light-starved depths of the oceans hunting prey.

Transient killer whales prey on marine mammals, and are one of the humpback whale’s main predators. They attack calves and younger animals more frequently, and most humpback whales have scars as a result of prior orca attacks, including drag marks on their tails.

The sharks and whales though tend to stick to the giant squid where one of them is a full meal. The exact predators of the various species of squid depend on where they are distributed. For example those that live in the extremely cold regions have fewer predators. They tend to only be prey for sharks and whales.

Polar Bears and Killer Whales (Orca) are the two main predators of the beluga whale. Polar bears take particular advantage of situations when belugas become trapped by ice and are thus unable to.