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WE SPECIALIZE IN DISPLAYS FOR. Themed displays that capture a moment from your favorite film, specialized supports for foam latex masks or appliances, custom sized bodies for otherwise difficult to display costumes.

Sep 17,  · latex foam body mannequin this is how I made the latex foam body mannequin add mold latex to cup (I used latex from Michaels craft store, it is ok but try to get latex from bity mold supply their latex is a lot better) add skin tone paint and mix put a very thin coat of Vaseline on mannequin mold and then brush on thin coat of latex and when.

Mannequin Mall offers a large selection of mannequins for retail businesses, fashion photographers and designers, as well as seamstresses. It is our business to provide your business with only the best of all mannequins on the market. Whether you need a model to display or photograph your latest fashion collection, or you need it for fitting.

MFX Foam Latex Oven Heater Box () The MFX Foam Latex Heater Box features: High efficient Stripped Finned Heater elements with thermostatic control panel for the do-it-yourself or home made Foam Latex Oven. Utilizes the same components as from the patented design Mobile Foam Latex Oven by MFX & Manufacturing ; Quick and easy installation.