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State of North Carolina: Sex Offender Registry arguments for the sex offender registry

Reforming the Sex Offender Registry. video below for real stories of those who were convicted of sex offenses when they were juveniles and learn more about arguments against sex offender registry.

Voting for Pro or voting for con does not mean you think sex offender registries should be discontinued. Remember, you vote for the better debater so we will know if we need to work on something or not. My closing speech: *Sex offender registries don't hurt people, they help innocent people.* Thank you opponent and voters. This was a good debate.

Nov 01, 2014 · Two decades after a convicted sex offender lured a 7-year-old named Megan into his house with the promise of seeing a new puppy, then killed her, Author: KIBRET MARKOS.

Mar 21, 2017 · An example of a sex offender registry website is displayed below: As shown in the picture, the offender’s name, tier, physical appearance, address, and offense are fully described in order for viewers to be able to recognize the offender and to know how dangerous he is.